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       At VHM Christian, we believe that school is not only an academic program, but a well-rounded educational experience that will lead to a life-long love of learning. We accomplish this by encouraging intellectual curiosity in a variety of forms, from traditional academics to art and music--all in the context of small class sizes and focused, personal attention from our teachers. 

       Classes also integrate faith as a core part of the curriculum. As a Seventh-day Adventist school, VHM focuses on inviting students to choose Christianity as a way of life. The day begins with a brief morning worship. Bible classes are taught daily and reflect Bible-based Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. A week of spiritual emphasis, featuring special speakers, is held once each semester. Students are also mentored in character development and ethical discernment in hopes that they will grow to be compassionate, wise, and contributing citizens of society. As a result of our deep commitment, students at VHM Christian consistently achieve more than a year's worth of academic growth in all key areas measured on nationally standardized tests.

       VHM Christian has the blessing of technology on our campus.  Grades 1-8 we offer one to one Chromebook program in which students learn keyboarding, internet skills, word processing and applications, presentation software and other integral technology concepts. While technology is integrated into all aspects of our curriculum our teachers choose to limit screen time at in order to encourage other important academic areas.

       Click on a class below to learn more about each grade's curriculum.

Visit the North American Division of SDA Education web page to learn more about specific technical aspects of Seventh-day Adventist Curriculum.

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