All children are God's children, and God's children need Jesus as a role model for their lives. Today's youth have the opportunity to make a very positive impact in their church and in their community.

Our program at VHM Christian School centers around Christian ethics and values and enables all students to develop their potentials intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.


Students at VHM Christian build a solid foundation of study skills and habits that lead to a life-long love of learning.  In small classes students get focused personal attention from highly qualified and experienced teachers. Students consistently achieve more than one year of academic growth as measured on nationally standardized achievement tests.


The personal spiritual development of each student is intentionally nurtured by dedicated Christian teachers.  Our teachers model Christian spirituality in their work with students from a variety of faith backgrounds.  Students are mentored in character development and ethical discernment.  They come to value prayer and praise toward God and to find meaning through acts of kind service to others.



Students enjoy structured physical education classes as well as creative free play in the wonderfully varied recreation environments our campus has to offer, playground structures, open field, paved play area, and school gymnasium. Our school participates in the Presidential Physical Fitness challenge, and awards students for achieving and maintaining fitness.



Musical expression is cultivated from Kindergarten through eighth grade with students singing in choirs in the lower grades and playing in band or bell choir in the upper grades. Artistic creativity is fostered in every grade with a generous start in Kindergarten. Creative writing is encouraged at various levels throughout the school.