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5th & 6th Grade

       Students hone their skills in writing and public presentation by learning how to critically analyze literature and participate in class discussions. Students are expected to actively own and defend their perspectives on a range of subjects, while respecting and valuing the input of others. They will have a greater personal responsibility for learning and behaviors, respect for issues involving health and wellness, and dive into the world of physical science.

       During the year, students study animal and plant cells, animal classification, and also the human reproductive system. They will begin to construct models, analyze and interpret data, and construct arguments. Students are taught to think, not just repeat facts, as they develop an enduring love of learning and inquiry. In social studies, students will focus on U.S. history, from Native Americans to Civil War.

       Lessons are also presented in a variety of formats to ensure active learning for many different styles of learners—including through technology, project-based learning, classroom presentations, and music. The goal is to encourage character growth, instill a love for learning, and to build classroom community. 

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