Music Lingua French Class

(ages 5-7)


Music Lingua classes use music, movement, storytelling, drama, and art to present thematic concepts and key vocabulary. The emphasis is on hearing the spoken language, learning the songs, and, in the process, learning target vocabulary and engaging in a dialogue. Kids learn while singing and playing and retain the information longer because it’s set to music.

In the Music Lingua program, each student gets online access to songs learned in class, along with a bilingual workbook, so the learning continues even outside of class as the student listens to the songs at home and in the car.


Les Loustics French Class

(grades 3+)


"Les Loustics is a fun, creative, action-oriented course full of visual and audio materials that reflect the lively world of children and gives them a zest for learning. The coursebook is easy to use with one page for each lesson and uses a gradual, spiral approach to reinforce learning from one lesson to the next. Each unit consists of five single-page lessons offering a variety of activities and a glossary. "Petit Doc" pages use accessible and authentic documents to foster openness to other cultures and disciplines. The workbook contains one double page of activities per lesson to reinforce learning and gradually introduce writing skills and comes with a CD of songs and poems.” (To find out more about this instructional method, please see here: Les Loustics)


In the fall, we will be learning about the school: "Vive l'école".

This unit will cover vocabulary for school supplies, days of the week, numbers up to twenty, hobbies, and the French ABC.

The following unit will be about family life and home: "A la maison." This unit will cover vocabulary about different rooms and furniture in the house, family members, and pets.

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