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Academic Bio:

I went to high school in Napa Adventist Junior Academy and Monterey Bay Academy.

I earned two Associate of Science degrees: 1) in Natural Sciences and 2) in Social/Behavioral Sciences at Napa Valley College. I received my Bachelor's of Art in History and a California State Teaching Credential at San Francisco State University.

I went to Pacific Union College to receive a BA/5th year in Education. My teaching credentials are Single Subject Clear in SS, ELA 1 and an SDA Professional in History.

Teaching Philosophy: 

I believe in helping students become productive citizens that are responsible and respectful. I feel this is done by setting an example for the students. As a Christian educator, I want to show them love, consistency, and fairness. I feel that giving the student a choice and a voice in their school experience is vital for their maturation.  However, it also means giving them limits, rules, and consequences so they know what is acceptable and appropriate for our student body and their own lives.


My goal is to help students to get to know Jesus as their Savior and accept Him into their lives.  I also want them to be able to share Christ with others.

What makes VHM so special?

I really enjoy the feeling of community and family we have in our school. I really love seeing kids light up when they understand a previously confusing idea or topic and get excited about it.

Extracurricular Sponsorship:

  • Sports Program 

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